Taking Beatbox to a whole another level!

How many hours of practice does somebody need to achieve this level of ingenuity?

How Thor Ragnarok should have ended…

“What do i look like? The justice league?” – right to the point!

How Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 should have ended…

The moment you realize that Yondu could have destroyed all the spaceships with his arrow it is truly embarrassing!

Plotting with base R

An intuitive introduction to plots and how R deals with them

I think he is right folks…

One of these times that you change your mindset regarding a topic, when it is elegantly delivered by a stand-up comedian!

A nice playlist from the Tarantino Universe!

Enjoy various songs that were part of different movies of the director’s filmography!

How The Dark Knight Rises should have ended…

These alternative endings seems quite logical I might say!


An introduction to the methods that help avoid over-fitting

Second Weekend straight, obsessed with R — Part IV

The final section of our recap (for the time being at least)!

Machine Learning Introduction

Necessary Machine Learning terminology explained

Webinar in Embedded AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics

“Many companies don’t know what steps to take to become digital, where to begin their journey to digital, or how to be sure they won’t waste money on innovation they can’t implement throughout their company to drive better business results…”

A nice/depressing video

What happens to your body when you stop exercising?

Functions in R (a bit deeper)

Accounting for missing values and creating your own custom functions

How Prometheus should have ended…

“How am I sprinting after having a C-Section?”

Another innovative musical group!

Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian musical group, best known for a 2009 a cappella cover of Toto’s “Africa” performance video that has received more than 20 million YouTube views as of August 2017!

Willingness to fail

Is that the new must-have skill?

Dates and Strings in R

Experimenting with some of the language’s core functionalities

Thor Ragnarok

8.0/10, for the amazing graphical effects!