Month: September 2017

Machine Learning Cheat Sheet

A consolidated overview of the most common approaches in ML

Data Science Projects to improve your skills

Divided into 3 categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced

Customer Segmentation in Tableau

View in full-screen for the complete interactivity

IT (2017)

7.5/10, since it respects the horror movie genre

Introductory code for R

Playing around with some basic code in R Studio

Fifty Shades of Grey

2.0/10 only for the music production

Tableau public profile

My public profile in Tableau Tableau has a public version of the software, in which you can use the tool, with almost of its functionalities […]

A helpful R library

R resources for improving your skills

References in academia

If you have created a project in the university and you have embedded some useful material that you want to use in another project, after […]


Recommended for any beginner that wants to get his/her knowledge attached to the market needs.