Fifty Shades of Grey

Rating: 2.0/10

I believe that this is exactly how I was supposed to be during the entire film, in order to avoid any distress-with my eyes wide shut! With all that frenzy surrounding this movie, I was expecting, at least, a basic movie script. The whole movie is a compilation, actually that is quite the descriptive word for this movie-compilation, of scenes that either end up in sex, or they do not-for some cheesy reason. To my personal opinion, it can be classified as a hybrid movie, half porno, half romance, but, failing in supporting either of them. The only memorable thing about the movie, I mean besides the sex scenes-grow up, is the music production, which for some weird reason, exceeded the expectations of this wanna-be movie. It is like nobody informed the music producer of the script, or rather the lack of it, that his music will accompany. Just for that, my rating would be 2/10.


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