Month: October 2017

More code in Jupyter Notebook

The continuation of the introductory section in Jupyter

Lists and Data Frames in R

Code for creating and manipulating lists and data frames

Type I and Type II error

In this case, a picture describes succinctly the difference

How it should have ended…

They are doing some pretty smart work in recreating the end scenes (and not only) of the movies, making you wonder of the logic behind them most of the times

25 Incredible Facts About Albert Einstein

If you ever ask anyone to name a physicist, I can all but guarantee you they will name Albert Einstein. The physicist was revolutionary, changing […]

Jupyter, Anaconda and Python

“Project Jupyter is a non-profit, open-source project, born out of the IPython Project in 2014 as it evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing across all programming languages…”

Matrices in R

Introductory matrix manipulations

A professional survey indicated that my Cultural Awareness is in the top 5% of the workforce, among other traits

Of course, I can only view the positive outcome of the survey, perhaps the feedback to the employer is a bit different

Introductory Financial Analysis using R

An exercise consolidating the knowledge that we have gained until now in R

Free course in AI

I am definitely planning on taking it

Introductory code in Python

Python is a powerful language, allowing a plethora of projects and creative challenges to take life

Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Basics and its Applications

An article describing some of the basics around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Animations with Tableau

Creating my first animation in Tableau has been really an amazing task

Vectorized Operations in R

R is specifically built for vectorized operations

Julia: A new paradigm

A marriage between high-performance numerical analysis and high speed of execution

AI and Big Data

“Upgrading data intelligence platforms with advanced analytics and AI processes is no longer an option”

The data set “Diamonds” from the ggplot2 package in R

If you do not want to download a data set, you can just use the ones embedded in the various R packages

Demystifying AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

“Analytical technology has changed dramatically over the last decade, with more powerful and less expensive distributed computing across commodity servers, streaming analytics, and improved machine learning technologies, enabling companies to store and analyze both far more data and many different types of it”

My results in the Moral Machine from the MIT

Basically, I favor humans over pets and passengers over law

MIT has is crowd-sourcing the decision-making for intelligent machines

An initiative that may lead you to realize some hidden thoughts for yourself as well…

Is Big Data killing creativity in the entertainment industry?

“The scarcest resource is audience’s attention…”

Creating vectors in R

Introductory code for creating vectors in R

The Law of Large Numbers in R

A small exercise to practice some basics concepts in R