The data set “Diamonds” from the ggplot2 package in R

In R, you can use various packages to perform various kind of analyses. Different packages support different functionalities and expand tremendously the capabilities of the base R. One location with the biggest collection of packages is the famous CRAN repository that can be found in this link:

The Comprehensive R Archive Network

At this location, you can find information about the various packages available in R and how to utilize them. You install a package in R by running the following command:

install.packages(“the name of the package“)

R basically, fetches the package from the CRAN repository. Once installed, you call it, meaning that you can gain access to its functionalities, using the keyword library, like this:

library(“the name of the package“)

In some cases, there are some packages that come with a sample data set, to allow you to experiment with functionalities of it, before going live, for instance, with your analysis. on of those cases, is the ggplot2 package. Running the following code in R, will yield you information regarding the “Diamonds” data set that you can use for practice:


2017-10-10 19_46_27-RStudio
A screenshot of the Help window in R Studio after running the above code



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