Jupyter, Anaconda and Python

I have to admit that my journey with Python is starting with a lot of excitement and knowledge spreading. There were so many concepts and tools that I was unaware of, but, I will try to document the most important ones here, as a means to facilitate knowledge storage, spread and discovery. I started writing Python code using the Jupyter notebook, as provided by the Anaconda distribution.

IPython Notebook is a web-based interactive computational environment for creating IPython notebooks. An IPython notebook is a JSON document containing an ordered list of input/output cells which can contain code, text, mathematics, plots and rich media.

IPython notebooks can be converted to a number of open standard output formats, like HTML, presentation slides, markdown and Python. 

In 2014, Fernando Pérez announced a spin-off project from IPython called Project Jupyter.[11] IPython will continue to exist as a Python shell and a kernel for Jupyter, while the notebook and other language-agnostic parts of IPython will move under the Jupyter name. Jupyter added support for Julia, R, Haskell and Ruby.

Source: Wikipedia IPython

Here is the link to the download site:

The Jupyter Notebook

2017-10-21 23_14_25-Project Jupyter _ Install.png
The instructions of how to install Jupyter using the Anaconda Distribution


You can get many functionalities, including the Jupyter Notebook, by the Anaconda Distribution, in this link:


I have uploaded, as a PDF, my first attempt in this environment and attaching it here. You can copy paste the code and follow along if you’d like.

Introductory Code in Python

A screenshot of the environment is depicted below:

2017-10-21 23_12_32-Introductory Code in Python.png
Inside the Jupyter Notebook

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