A nice presentation for Machine Learning

The evolution of the analyst

The presentation can be found here (it is a nice idea to follow along):

Machine Learning with R – presentation



Rating: 6.0/10

An Alien-inspired movie that falls short on the intelligence part of the main characters. If his is the best of humanity’s efforts to deal with the extraterrestrial life, then, we are doomed! The protocols in place to avoid the escape of ‘Calvin’, as they named the life form from Mars, were not only inadequate, but, worse, simple, unimaginative, borderline naive. The moment that Calvin captures the hand of the scientist that monitors it and starts squeezing it, at that very moment, instead of observing the phenomenon, seal the entire laboratory. Seal it and not let your emotions get in the way, Mr. Reynolds. I am joking, we love Ryan Reynolds and, apparently, he intended to play the main character, however, scheduling conflicts with ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ (2017) forced him to take a supporting part instead. I guess that this is the reason for opening the lab door in such a haphazard and adventurous manner. Despite these arguments, however, the movie really achieves in scaring you and making your heart beat rise in many cases. Mainly because this unknown life form proves to be quite intelligent and outsmarts the characters in almost every step. The plot is quite consistent and the music effects are able to support the dark and desperate background of the film. Thus, I guess that a rating 6 out of 10 is quite fine for this movie and all in all, it is recommended for an edgy Saturday rainy night – it will make you more appreciative of the human life, because if Calvin finds you, then, game over!