American Horror Story

Rating: 7.5/10

The writers of the story are really imaginative and know how to present a good, old-fashioned horror story. The series is evolving with each season to something completely new and different. Each season depicts a different horror story and most of the characters reappear, in different roles, which is a huge plus for them, since you can view them in various and versatile occasions and character backgrounds, which bespeaks of their established theatrical abilities. As for the script itself, it is magnificent and will keep you at the edge of your seat, maybe sometimes will make you jump up and down for a while. The plot uncovers the deepest and darkest fears in a beautifully portrayed environment, a haunted house that the people dying in it linger around as ghosts (oh, yeah), or an asylum, in which the worst of the worst are ‘allowed’ to enter! Still watching Season 2, but I read that it gets more and more interesting as they experiment with other scenarios and background stories. So, for a series, and let alone a horror one, 7.5 is almost a perfect score!


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