My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Rating: 5.5/10

I know that it has been nominated for Best Writing, Original Screenplay Oscar, so I am going to be a bit tolerant for this one. It depicts a different time in Greece, so, we are going to review at if it is 2000 in Greece. At that time, everything depicted in the film, is representative of the Greek culture. The parents had an obsession with marriage, whoever did not get married by the age of 30, mainly women, was conceived to be broken goods and family members used to live near each other, so  that they interact and meddle with each other’s business! However, if they had a marriage to organize, oh, a small country’s budget was the price! Nowadays, I believe that the situation in the country is starting to approximate the normality that  is viewed in the other European countries, as far as the marriage and family relationships are concerned. In the islands and the mountainous areas though, they still promote this traditional extravaganza, which of course is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. We could be talking about 1000 guests and 200 goats for the purpose of a single wedding, it is like a huge festival to the eyes of a stranger. So, if you ever get such an invitation, by all means, make sure that you attend the event!

Back to the movie now, the music was nice, the screenplay was indeed simple, realistic and promoting a mood for celebrating life steeped in tradition, family, love and just the joy of living! For a comedy it could have been a bit smarter in some punch lines, but, I guess that the focus was on the funny side of the events and situations viewed and not on the dialogues. Also, we need to respect and take into account the fact that its $240 million domestic gross was, at that time, the highest ever for a film neither financed nor distributed by a major studio. All in all, 5.5!


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