Month: December 2017

Machine Learning cheat sheet

You can follow the questions and get an overview of which algorithm to use

Get involved with the future of Artificial Intelligence

“When, if ever, will AI outperform humans at all intellectual tasks, and will it be a good thing?”

Nothing screams Christmas like Home Alone!

Enjoy the best scenes from the all-time Christmas classic!

Getting in the mood for Christmas

With two magnificent versions of the “Carol of the Bells”

Color palette for Matplotlib

Ever wondered how to adjust the default palette of Matplotlib?

(De-)Aggregations in R

Clarifying some important steps when dealing with aggregation functions

Axis of Awesome indeed!

A band that recreated popular pop songs using just 4 chords!

The Snowman

The power of the mass burned this one to the ground!

Matrix and Regression plots in Python

Using the Seaborn library is quite an eye-refresher

Seaborn… visualize with style!

I was really impressed by the capabilities of the Seaborn library

Making the World’s Knowledge Computable

“Wolfram|Alpha’s long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone”

A truly inspirational video

Successful entrepreneurs come in all sizes, shapes and flavors…

Principles of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

A nice presentation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

An interesting view of Andrew Ng

The guru of AI would like to pay displaced workers to learn new job skills, instead of an unconditional universal basic income

How Pacific Rim should have ended…

“It doesn’t look as cool though…”