The Snowman

Rating: 5.0/10

I guess it is one of those films that expectations get inflated from the rumors surrounding the production. Everybody was like: ‘Have you read the book?’, or ‘Jo Nesbo, man, it is going to be amazing!’. I think that I may have fell for it as well. Without having read the book, without even knowing who the heck this Nesbo guy was, I was expecting to see a masterpiece, maybe even analogous to Lord of the Rings or something closer to it, like Zodiac. Sadly, I was mistaken and the disappointment was even higher than expected, due to again this gossip and hearsay, surrounding the movie. Useless characters that the plot would not get affected if they just vanish, a really pumped-up Val Kilmer who begs you to take your eyes off of him, inconsistent dialogues and completely inconsequential subplots. It is a pity though, because it had potential. Maybe the book is better, still, 5 out of 10 and that is really cutting a lot of slack to the end result.


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