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On the top right corner of the screen, you can follow the links to my LinkedIn profile, for the professional view of mine as well. Also, I have included the public profile in Pluralsight, an educational platform, and in Tableau, so as to get an idea of the various online courses that I like to be part of and some visualizations that I do in my “recreational” time, respectively… Finally, there is also a link to my Facebook profile, for those who want to get to know me in a more personal level.

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I started this site with the scope of creating a personal library of the most useful information and material that are really close to my interests. It functions as an honest representation of my curiosity, skills, interests, hobbies and, of course, silliness.

My name is Dimitris and I am from Greece. I grew up in a small city, named Trikala, in which I was lucky enough to cherish some innocent and memorable moments. I moved to Thessaloniki when I was 18 to study Business Administration – like everybody else, I got fooled in believing that the university degree is the only way to succeed in life – it is now that I have reshaped my thoughts around this matter – mainly because I got a proper higher education, irony pointed out. The only way to succeed in life, at least for me, is to never stop learning, never stop educating yourself. By definition, the university years are distinctly counted in ones hands, thus, I firmly support the modern notion, the targeting of a single university with specific curriculum and mentality is an outdated concept – no relocation or ridiculously extravagant amount of money is needed to find this extraordinary fountain of knowledge somewhere in the world. Internet has drastically changed every aspect of human’s life, including education. Obviously, I got to this conclusion after relocating twice and spending ridiculously extravagant amount of money to higher education! My second relocation happened to the beautiful town of Aarhus in Denmark, with the purpose of studying Business Intelligence, a choice for which I am going to be forever grateful – I was blind and then suddenly I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It may come as a surprise, but the educational system in Greece is really different compared to the Danish one! The reason for that difference lays on the fact that in Denmark, the universities are a bit closer to reality and they try to incorporate and embrace technology in the curriculum. Still, I feel the time approaches that the universities would be forced to redefine their role in the modern society and find new ways to service the youth, which they are getting more and more pissed off with the apparent lack of immediate and practical connection of the knowledge gathered to their everyday lives and/or jobs.

I like watching basketball games and playing as well. I spend many hours navigating through the internet trying to find something interesting to do and I like participating in online courses with an educational scope – especially for software solutions – I get easily amazed and passionate with practical technological advancements and  I have an obsession with movies and TV series since I was a teenager in Trikala!