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Seaborn… visualize with style!

I was really impressed by the capabilities of the Seaborn library

Making the World’s Knowledge Computable

“Wolfram|Alpha’s long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone”

A truly inspirational video

Successful entrepreneurs come in all sizes, shapes and flavors…

Principles of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

A nice presentation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

An interesting view of Andrew Ng

The guru of AI would like to pay displaced workers to learn new job skills, instead of an unconditional universal basic income

How Pacific Rim should have ended…

“It doesn’t look as cool though…”

Connecting the different areas of the field

A nice map, showing how the various skills connect to each other

Walk or run in the rain?

A dive into this, almost philosophical, question!

Matplotlib in Jupyter

Object-oriented plotting was quite exciting

An overview of the most common ML types

Using different kinds of machine learning algorithms for different tasks


Although it was not the very embodiment of human intelligence when it comes to dealing with life from another planet, it still achieves to scare you with the admittedly realistic unfold of the events

How Iron Man 3 should have ended…

Let’s engage the “House Party” protocol a bit…earlier

Myths and Facts About Super-Intelligent AI

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

If, switch and functions in R

More introductory examples for acing the language

How Iron Man should have ended…

As always Tony Stark wants to get all the credit

Introduction to ggplot2 package in R

Code for visualizing data sets for beginners

Pandas Data Analysis Part II

More advanced data manipulations using the popular library

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

An interesting portrait of the Greek culture

A nice categorization of the most commonly used ML Algorithms

Split by categories, such as regression, decision tree and clustering

Functions, loops, ifelse and apply in R

More introductory examples using the powerful vectorized nature of the language