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Principles of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

A nice presentation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

An interesting view of Andrew Ng

The guru of AI would like to pay displaced workers to learn new job skills, instead of an unconditional universal basic income

An overview of the most common ML types

Using different kinds of machine learning algorithms for different tasks

Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Basics and its Applications

An article describing some of the basics around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Julia: A new paradigm

A marriage between high-performance numerical analysis and high speed of execution

AI and Big Data

“Upgrading data intelligence platforms with advanced analytics and AI processes is no longer an option”

Data Science Interview training

Train for your data science interview with this rich-in-content platform

Data Science Projects to improve your skills

Divided into 3 categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced

A helpful R library

R resources for improving your skills