Criminal Minds

Rating: 8.0/10

I do not know about you, but personally, I am a huge fan of the series, or at least, my fondness fluctuates depending on the actors present in each season! What do I mean by that? If you have seen the series you definitely know what I writing about [spoiler alert]-Gideon leaves, Emily leaves and then she comes again, and then 12 seasons later we do not even have Agent Hotchner, since  they actually cut him off the show for the aggressive behavior that he demonstrated throughout the series behind the scenes! Imagine that-Hotch gets angry-who would have guessed that? (sarcasm pointed out)For the unfamiliar with the show, it plots the professional and a little bit the personal life of FBI agents that they comprise a task force focused on analyzing and understanding what is going on inside the mind of serial killers, you know, these colorful psychopaths or creative sociopaths that are really bored and try their best to meddle with our peoples’ lives, usually by ending them! Talk about meddling! All kidding aside, the series dives deep into the psychology and the mindset of the serial killers and their evolution, with an interesting plot twists, script writing and cast. However, the series repeats itself after a while, it makes sense actually, it runs from 2005 and it still shoots episodes, although the cases that this Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) deals with, have as a target to anticipate the most dangerous serial killers and their individual heinous crimes before they strike again. To sum up, this elite group of profilers will keep you engaged and  interested in the series (most of the time).


Thor Ragnarok

Rating: 8.0/10

Thor Ragnarok gives you the illusion that you are watching the Avengers, with just some characters missing! Or some of them forgot to appear, but you do not mind, since the action is continuous, the effects are non-stop and the imagination almost endless. Obviously, we are reviewing the movie within the genre itself and not in general, an 8.0 out of 10 to a Marvel movie, is not the same as an 8.0 out of 10 to a documentary-that holds for all movie reviews presented here. Hence, of course the plot could have been deeper or some logical sequences presented clearer, but we do not care in this context, since the action and fantasy portrayed are overwhelming. Spoiler alert: the cameo guest starring of Matt Damon is truly hilarious! So, totally better than the previous two movies of the franchise and a must-watch for the marvel-fans!

The Snowman

Rating: 5.0/10

I guess it is one of those films that expectations get inflated from the rumors surrounding the production. Everybody was like: ‘Have you read the book?’, or ‘Jo Nesbo, man, it is going to be amazing!’. I think that I may have fell for it as well. Without having read the book, without even knowing who the heck this Nesbo guy was, I was expecting to see a masterpiece, maybe even analogous to Lord of the Rings or something closer to it, like Zodiac. Sadly, I was mistaken and the disappointment was even higher than expected, due to again this gossip and hearsay, surrounding the movie. Useless characters that the plot would not get affected if they just vanish, a really pumped-up Val Kilmer who begs you to take your eyes off of him, inconsistent dialogues and completely inconsequential subplots. It is a pity though, because it had potential. Maybe the book is better, still, 5 out of 10 and that is really cutting a lot of slack to the end result.


Rating: 6.0/10

An Alien-inspired movie that falls short on the intelligence part of the main characters. If his is the best of humanity’s efforts to deal with the extraterrestrial life, then, we are doomed! The protocols in place to avoid the escape of ‘Calvin’, as they named the life form from Mars, were not only inadequate, but, worse, simple, unimaginative, borderline naive. The moment that Calvin captures the hand of the scientist that monitors it and starts squeezing it, at that very moment, instead of observing the phenomenon, seal the entire laboratory. Seal it and not let your emotions get in the way, Mr. Reynolds. I am joking, we love Ryan Reynolds and, apparently, he intended to play the main character, however, scheduling conflicts with ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ (2017) forced him to take a supporting part instead. I guess that this is the reason for opening the lab door in such a haphazard and adventurous manner. Despite these arguments, however, the movie really achieves in scaring you and making your heart beat rise in many cases. Mainly because this unknown life form proves to be quite intelligent and outsmarts the characters in almost every step. The plot is quite consistent and the music effects are able to support the dark and desperate background of the film. Thus, I guess that a rating 6 out of 10 is quite fine for this movie and all in all, it is recommended for an edgy Saturday rainy night – it will make you more appreciative of the human life, because if Calvin finds you, then, game over!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Rating: 5.5/10

I know that it has been nominated for Best Writing, Original Screenplay Oscar, so I am going to be a bit tolerant for this one. It depicts a different time in Greece, so, we are going to review at if it is 2000 in Greece. At that time, everything depicted in the film, is representative of the Greek culture. The parents had an obsession with marriage, whoever did not get married by the age of 30, mainly women, was conceived to be broken goods and family members used to live near each other, so  that they interact and meddle with each other’s business! However, if they had a marriage to organize, oh, a small country’s budget was the price! Nowadays, I believe that the situation in the country is starting to approximate the normality that  is viewed in the other European countries, as far as the marriage and family relationships are concerned. In the islands and the mountainous areas though, they still promote this traditional extravaganza, which of course is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. We could be talking about 1000 guests and 200 goats for the purpose of a single wedding, it is like a huge festival to the eyes of a stranger. So, if you ever get such an invitation, by all means, make sure that you attend the event!

Back to the movie now, the music was nice, the screenplay was indeed simple, realistic and promoting a mood for celebrating life steeped in tradition, family, love and just the joy of living! For a comedy it could have been a bit smarter in some punch lines, but, I guess that the focus was on the funny side of the events and situations viewed and not on the dialogues. Also, we need to respect and take into account the fact that its $240 million domestic gross was, at that time, the highest ever for a film neither financed nor distributed by a major studio. All in all, 5.5!

American Horror Story

Rating: 7.5/10

The writers of the story are really imaginative and know how to present a good, old-fashioned horror story. The series is evolving with each season to something completely new and different. Each season depicts a different horror story and most of the characters reappear, in different roles, which is a huge plus for them, since you can view them in various and versatile occasions and character backgrounds, which bespeaks of their established theatrical abilities. As for the script itself, it is magnificent and will keep you at the edge of your seat, maybe sometimes will make you jump up and down for a while. The plot uncovers the deepest and darkest fears in a beautifully portrayed environment, a haunted house that the people dying in it linger around as ghosts (oh, yeah), or an asylum, in which the worst of the worst are ‘allowed’ to enter! Still watching Season 2, but I read that it gets more and more interesting as they experiment with other scenarios and background stories. So, for a series, and let alone a horror one, 7.5 is almost a perfect score!

IT (2017)

Rating: 7.5/10

Brilliant adaptation. Admittedly, it scared the be-Jesus out of me, but, I cannot say that I am a representative sample of this genre! I rarely watch horror movies and only, when I have to, usually, through other peoples’ strong suggestions… Hence, the only reason that I went to the cinema for a horror movie, is to grasp the reactions of King’s magnificent pen, as captured in the audience’ behavior. The results were  not discouraging and we ended up having quite fun, especially when we synchronized our screams, howls, shrieks, yells, screeches, shouts and shrills! Okay, I am being overly dramatic, but with the unstoppable horror action, the sudden change in the mood, the loss of innocence theme, accompanied by the fear to survive, all portrayed and glued together beautifully, this movie will certainly stay in your mind for a long time and travel you to another age and period. I have to admit, though, that my review should be treated with caution, since, and I admit it, have not watched the 1990’s film-shame on me! It just went to my bucket list-I just give it a bit more time though, you know, to get mentally ready. For the incurably romantics, a sequel is set to be released on September 6, 2019! 7.5 it is then…