Category: Software

Seaborn… visualize with style!

I was really impressed by the capabilities of the Seaborn library

Matplotlib in Jupyter

Object-oriented plotting was quite exciting

If, switch and functions in R

More introductory examples for acing the language

Introduction to ggplot2 package in R

Code for visualizing data sets for beginners

Pandas Data Analysis Part II

More advanced data manipulations using the popular library

Functions, loops, ifelse and apply in R

More introductory examples using the powerful vectorized nature of the language

Loops in R

More examples in R using loops (for, while, repeat)

NumPy introduction in Jupyter Notebook

Some examples of manipulating arrays using the NumPy library

More code in Jupyter Notebook

The continuation of the introductory section in Jupyter

Lists and Data Frames in R

Code for creating and manipulating lists and data frames

Jupyter, Anaconda and Python

“Project Jupyter is a non-profit, open-source project, born out of the IPython Project in 2014 as it evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing across all programming languages…”

Matrices in R

Introductory matrix manipulations

Introductory Financial Analysis using R

An exercise consolidating the knowledge that we have gained until now in R

Introductory code in Python

Python is a powerful language, allowing a plethora of projects and creative challenges to take life

Animations with Tableau

Creating my first animation in Tableau has been really an amazing task

Vectorized Operations in R

R is specifically built for vectorized operations

The data set “Diamonds” from the ggplot2 package in R

If you do not want to download a data set, you can just use the ones embedded in the various R packages

Creating vectors in R

Introductory code for creating vectors in R

The Law of Large Numbers in R

A small exercise to practice some basics concepts in R