Tag: R

Plotting with base R

An intuitive introduction to plots and how R deals with them

Second Weekend straight, obsessed with R — Part IV

The final section of our recap (for the time being at least)!

Functions in R (a bit deeper)

Accounting for missing values and creating your own custom functions

Dates and Strings in R

Experimenting with some of the language’s core functionalities

(De-)Aggregations in R

Clarifying some important steps when dealing with aggregation functions

If, switch and functions in R

More introductory examples for acing the language

Introduction to ggplot2 package in R

Code for visualizing data sets for beginners

Functions, loops, ifelse and apply in R

More introductory examples using the powerful vectorized nature of the language

Loops in R

More examples in R using loops (for, while, repeat)

Lists and Data Frames in R

Code for creating and manipulating lists and data frames

Matrices in R

Introductory matrix manipulations

Introductory Financial Analysis using R

An exercise consolidating the knowledge that we have gained until now in R

Creating vectors in R

Introductory code for creating vectors in R

The Law of Large Numbers in R

A small exercise to practice some basics concepts in R

The If statement in R

Including also the nested version of it

The While & For loop in R

Essential structure in R for beginners

Type of variables in R

Integer, double, complex, logical and character

Introductory code for R

Playing around with some basic code in R Studio