Visualizations in a Video Games data set

An exploratory analysis in Tableau using data for video games, spanning from 1984 to 2017, retrieved from Kaggle. For those interested in the visualization, it can be found here:

Video Games Analysis

The raw data has been retrieved from this link, but the necessary pre-processing steps have been performed using R:

Video Games Raw data set



Interacting with Level of Detail Calculations

Level of Detail calculations are really important in Tableau and can provide a suitable alternative for handling the granularity/aggregation trade-off, when visualizing data in different layers. Below, you can follow the link, to such an endeavor:

Interacting with Level of Detail Calculations | Tableau Public

Animations with Tableau

Animations in Tableau can prove to be quite useful, especially if you want to observe a change over time. In the sample data set that I used, I was able to observe how the life expectancy, as a function of fertility rate, changed from 1960 to 2013, in a powerful visualization. The end result, dashboard is viewed below:

2017-10-13 14_30_35-Animations with Tableau - Dimitris Moustakas _ Tableau Public.png

In order to view the visualization, you need to locate the workbook with the link below and then download it. Once done, you can press the arrow in the Year “filter” and the animation will begin!

Animations with Tableau | Tableau Public

Advanced visualization techniques in Tableau promote an interesting story

This project was quite challenging, but I have to admit that analyzing data through Tableau is a process that never ceases to amaze me. From advanced table calculations, to reference and trend lines, this Tableau workbook summarized the analytical power of Tableau and allows for some awesome and actionable insights. You can download the workbook from my public profile and view the story in full screen mode (F7), by following the link below:

Monitoring performance of a fictitious coal mining facility

Creating and Saving Advanced Table Calculations in Tableau

Advanced table calculations in Tableau can become really handy when visualizing data. The tricky part lies within the ability to save a table calculation you use in the visualization part, to utilize it again, in a different context or format. This can happen, by dragging the table calculation view that you have achieved, in the measure’s pane. Then, a new measure is being created for further usage. The link below shows such an endeavor in Tableau Public (my public profile):

Advanced Table Calculations

An interactive dashboard in Tableau

Combining techniques like groups, sets, parameters, crating folders, default properties for fields, using two dimensions as a color, adding reference lines, drop lines and enhancing the tool tip, assisted me to create a highly interactive dashboard, in order to get the necessary information about the highest performing startups, derived from an imaginary data set.

The Startup Quadrant